Our in-house commercial and administrative services allow clients to build and pursue Chinese market and operations growth without having to commit prematurely to forming any legal corporate entity or partnership.

CBN provides all the necessary personnel and physical resources to schedule and host customer and supplier meetings on behalf of our clients. These meetings are the essential starting point in helping to define customer and project requirements and create a practical starting point to develop the relationship networks on which sustainable business in China is based. 

When clients use CBN resources it precludes the need to enter into any kind of formal joint venture or capitalize a WOFE/FICE (wholly owned foreign enterprise/foreign invested commercial enterprise) until the right business partners, operations and customers are firmly in place.

This approach saves time and capital and avoids costly strategic mis-steps. 

CBN acts as an incubator for our western client's business development in China and provides a single-point full compliment of legal and administrative services designed to mitigate legal and regulatory tasks. 

Human Resources Solutions

  • Recruiting and interviewing
  • De facto employment 
  • Ongoing key personnel training and management
  • Representative office services
  • Administrative support

Legal and Commercial Services

  • Provision of human and physical resources to create immediate, functional China "presence"
  • Pre-investment planning for large-scale manufacturing, sales and distribution operations in China
  • Chinese manufacturing or joint venture partner agreement negotiation
  • Assistance with banking, financial, tax and regulatory requirements
  • WOFE, FICE and joint venture formation and/or contract negotiation