"Boots On The Ground" "Heads In The Game" 

From 600 ton forge upsetters to 6mm specialty fasteners; the manufacturing challenge to achieve world-class quality is universal. 

For western manufacturers in China this challenge is magnified and simply cannot be met without highly skilled Chinese project management. Any project with multiple vendors communicating in different languages and technical grades requires a much higher degree of clarity and attention than in the west.

CBN provides the resources to deploy highly experienced and mobile boots-on-the-ground personnel able to manage all the technical and management aspects of a complex project.

CBN does not manage "easy" projects. Our background lies exclusively in challenging precision manufacturing where attention to every detail and meeting aggressive completion milestones are par for the course. CBN management and staff comprise a dedicated, close knit team with the right combination of engineering and hands-on management skills, and an ability to communicate - not just translate.

No project management team can claim expertise in each and every manufacturing discipline. CBN's ability to identify, hire, train and manage the best qualified Chinese technical personnel for specific projects helps us meet the specific engineering challenges each project presents.

Our clients serve a diverse group of industrial sectors but all share common factors; building and protecting a global reputation, always standing behind their work, and completing projects on time and within budget.

In the last 15 years CBN has been active in industrial forgings, castings, precision machining and speciality manufacturing including final assembly. We operate in a number of industry sectors including automotive, trucking, mining, industrial equipment, speciality fasteners, oil and gas, and speciality material production.