China Sales and Marketing Development 

Your customers need you more in China than they do in the West. 

The sophisticated supply chain on which OEM's and major end-users rely in the West simply doesn't exist in China. Providing access to high quality precision engineered components represents an unprecedented growth opportunity for Western manufacturers of component parts, assemblies and finished products. 

In China the competitive status-quo has yet to be established in most industrial sectors.  Robust industrial growth is a given, and cost alone is not always the driving factor where precision, quality and on-time delivery are demanded. 

As Chinese manufacturers continue to move up the value chain competing against China-based foreign companies, the need to succeed in the world's largest growth market has never been greater. 

The China sales market requires specific expertise with heavy emphasis on local market knowledge and building relationships. The market rewards companies who understand the nuances of Chinese businesses and their specific Chinese sector.  The market can also be a harsh lesson for those who assume that China is just another international territory. Some of the most sophisticated Western multi-nationals have floundered after attempting to implement "cookie-cutter" strategies used in other global markets. Simply handing-off sales and marketing to third party agents or representative offices will yield limited results at best.

CBN provides clients with the specialist human and physical resources needed by Western manufacturers to gain a long-term foothold into this huge and largely untapped market. 

Western companies who meet and listen to China-based customers typically hear the same response: "we need help from our vendors to grow." CBN employs a practical, hands-on route to market: meet customers, define requirements and focus only on the right commercial opportunities.

Over the last ten years CBN's sales and marketing division have helped our clients increase revenues and grow their customer base both in China and globally. 

China Sales and Marketing

    • Marketing Entry Assessment
    • Direct marketing and sales to China-based operations of global OEMs and tier one suppliers
    • Marketing and sales to indigenous Chinese companies
    • Development and management of China-based distribution networks
    • Targeted marketing strategies to develop globally integrated manufacturing capabilities